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We have a great backyard!

Here are some of our favorite people and places we support.

The Valley Originals is a group of locally owned and operated restaurants that have joined together to share their thoughts and ideas on what the true experience of local eatery should be like. By their very nature, the independent restaurant is unique in its ambiance, recipes, and service – it is not a copy of any other restaurant in the locale.

Food is prepared fresh daily, often from local products. Frozen food prepared in some far-flung commissary is not the fare of the independent restaurant. The owner is on the premises to respond to your dining needs and wishes.

They support local organizations, charities, and activities and are all involved in the community effort. Their goal is to give you a very special and unique experience and the finest food found anywhere.

The Conway Area Humane Society is committed to the Human/Animal bond. Encouraging it through education and animal adoption. Protecting it when threatened by violence, disaster, or medical emergency & respecting it when broken by death.

Harvest Hills Animal Shelter is a non-profit organization which contracts with 19 towns in Western Maine to accept neglected, stray, and abandoned cats and dogs. These animals are brought in by the towns’ animal control officers. When space is available, Harvest Hills also accepts owner surrendered animals from all surrounding communities in Maine and New Hampshire and will assist other shelters by providing a safe place for adoptable animals that would otherwise be euthanized, or did not fit another shelters admission policies.

Since opening its doors in 1992, Harvest Hills has found loving homes for approximately 17,000 dogs and cats. As we have grown in recent years, we strive to serve more animals in need, reduce stress and suffering for every animal passing through our doors and provide individual attention, medical and custodial care to our charges. We also consider it an important part of our mission to educate the community, adults and children about the responsibilities of pet ownership and the benefits of adopting a Harvest Hills animal.

Harvest Hills has taken great care to avoid euthanasia whenever possible. Every animal goes through a socialization program and is evaluated so we may match them with their new family. This process helps with the transition of shelter life to a new home for both the animal and its new owners.

Mount Washington Observatory is a private, nonprofit, member-supported institution with a mission to advance understanding of the natural systems that create Earth’s weather and climate.

At Sherman Farm, their mission has always been to produce high quality, great tasting farm food products. As thoughtful and committed stewards of their land and their animals, they produce their products in the most progressive, efficient way possible, with the utmost respect for the community, their customers, their employers and their family.


Education is an integral part of what Sherman Farm does, and they make every effort to honestly educate their customers on the methods and philosophy they use in producing these products.

We get all the maple syrup we can from the fine folks at Young Maple Ridge Sugarhouse that goes with our Hush Puppies from these fine folks just down the road in North Sandwich.

Born out of a love for mountain life and quality coffee, Frontside has been at home in North Conway since 1998.

From the beginning they have focused on providing consistent, quality coffee, food, and service while creating a welcoming, chilled-out atmosphere that fosters community.


Their space is naturally light filled by their glass storefront, and is as perfect a cozy work or meeting place as it is a place to relax and catch up with friends. During warm months, their south facing patio is the prime location to enjoy the rhythm of downtown North Conway or to lean back and stare off into the Moat Mountains.

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