ABV: 4.9%​​, IBU 27

Moat Shoot Final-33.jpg

Our flagship lager is dry-hopped take on the classic Bohemian Pilsner.
Pouring clear bright gold with a frothy white head, this beer has finesse.
Fresh and light bodied with crisp flavors of roasted grain, light citrus and pepper notes followed by a clean, slightly floral, dry finish.

Style:​ Bohemian Pilsner

Color: Pale Gold

Malt: Bavarian Pilsner Malt, German Vienna & German Munich

Hops: German Tettnang, German Hallertauer & Czech Saaz

Yeast: German Lager

Suggested Food Pairings: Thai, Curries, Shellfish, Chicken, BBQ, Pizza, and Sharp Cheeses