We have a great backyard. Here are some of our favorite people and places…

The Valley OriginalsThe Valley Originals
The Valley Originals is a group of locally owned and operated restaurants that have joined together to share their thoughts and ideas on what the true experience of local eatery should be like.


Conway Area Humane SocietyThe Conway Area Humane Society
The Conway Area Humane Society is committed to the Human/Animal bond. Encouraging it through education and animal adoption.


Harvest Hills Animal ShelterHarvest Hills Animal Shelter
Harvest Hills Animal Shelter is a non-profit organization that contracts with eighteen towns in Western Maine to accept neglected, stray and abandoned cats and dogs.


Mount Washington ObservatoryMount Washington Observatory
Mount Washington Observatory is a private, nonprofit, member-supported institution with a mission to advance understanding of the natural systems that create Earth’s weather and climate.


Sherman FarmSherman Farm
Sherman Farm is owned and operated by four generations of Shermans. They focus on producing high quality produce, meat, and milk. The farmstand is open year round and sells a variety of farm raised and local products.


Young Maple Ridge SugarhouseYoung Maple Ridge Sugarhouse
We get all the maple syrup we can from the fine folks at Young Maple Ridge Sugarhouse that goes with our Hush Puppies from these fine folks just down the road in North Sandwich.


FRONTSIDE Coffee RoastersFRONTSIDE Coffee Roasters
FRONTSIDE Coffee Roasters provide the whole beans we grind for the fresh coffee you drink at the Smoke House. You’ll find our BIG cans of ales and lagers at their center of North Conway location.