Generally on tap year round but you can drink us dry short term on occasion...

hoffman weiss Moat Hoffman Weiss – 5.7 % a.b.v.
A traditional Bavarian-style wheat beer, it is a unique unfiltered golden beer with both a fruity and spicy flavor profile derived from the traditional Bavarian yeast strain that is used.  It has a low hop bitterness yet is big on flavor.  Some serve with a lemon slice.  Available year-round.
blueberry Moat Violet B's Blueberry – 4.5 % a.b.v.
American-style ale, clean and crisp with a gentle fruit finish and a medium blueberry nose.
czech pilsner Moat Czech Pilsner – 4.9 % a.b.v.
A European-style pilsner. Dry hopping produces a bouquet of aromas from the addition of traditional noble hops. This beer has a bigger malt profile than the average American Pilsner. It has medium hop bitterness and a clean floral finish.
iron mike Moat Iron Mike Pale Ale – 5.6 % a.b.v. – American-style pale ale. This crisp ale has a medium bitterness with a flavor profile dominated by an aroma consisting of a blend of three hops, including Cascade.
bone-shaker Moat Bone Shaker Brown – 5.5 % a.b.v.
An English-style brown ale. This beer has a biscuit-like smoothness with a rich, malt body and medium hop bitterness.
tail stout Moat Square Tail Stout – 5.8 % a.b.v.
A Foreign-style stout. Invitingly smooth, clean and full –bodied, excellent to enjoy anytime of year. Roasted malt in mouth finishes with coffee and chocolate notes.

Where to buy Moat Mountain beer

Click here for a list of retailers and beer-savvy restaurants in NH and Southern Maine who carry Moat Mountain products.

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